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  1. Jos Jaspers at |

    Please adjust your text for “palenque” meaning.


  2. Trent Simpson at |


    This is a great post and as I have to answer this question multiple times per night behind our bar! I had a question in regards to law for cooking the pina for Tequila, is using an autoclave oven necessary to create tequila, or just the most commonly used?

    1. Mr Donaldo at |

      Thank you! so bottom line, Mezcal tastes different (fundamentally different) from Tequila because it’s smoked. (Reminds me of the Mad Men episode “It’s toasted.”)

  3. Denise at |

    Why, thank you. This was very informative. I am just now beginning to get away from bourbon and find I am really enjoying the more “clean” (less sweet) flavor tequilas & mezcals. Whenever I asked the difference I seemed to get a lot of hot air. This clears things up.

  4. Chasing Today at |

    […] like no other, listening to funky beats spun by Bassjackers with VIP treatment at Monarch sippin on Mezcal, a smoky tequila, in all the secret hiding spots. Though it could be tough to beat, the nightlife […]

  5. […] its own brand of Mezcal, which is similar and often confused with Tequila. According to the website MezcalPhD.com, all Tequilas are Mezcals, however, there are three distinct […]

  6. […] got a taste of just distilled mezcal, warm and just out of the still. At eighty-percent alcohol her engine was roaring after just a sip. […]

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