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  1. Mahrie at |

    Do you think any of the tequilas under the Kirkland brand that Costco sells are worthy of having in a liquor cabinet?

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  3. […] of tequilas, including the 100% pure agave ones, which is what you really want to drink, and even a mezcal or two. Most of them will run upward of 30€. For something just as good but at almost half the […]

  4. Korby Sinclaire at |

    Thanks! I’m enjoying some Vida Mezcal at this very moment. Loved your article.

  5. Paul Ingram at |

    I have a substantial collection of Tequila’s I purchase (generally) at the Tequila Festival in T.J. each year. Yesterday my neighbor brought over a bottle of Taberna Los 3 Hombres (Raicilla Blanco)…..nice stuff! I need to explore Mezcal types more!! Living near Ensenada.

  6. Tammy Barber at |

    Do you recommend a first time mezcal? Thinking of trying it in a Bloody Mary but don’t want something cheap nor super expensive…

    1. Paul Ingram at |

      Hmmmmmmm; I make an excellent Bloody Mary and enjoy a good one elsewhere, however i cannot picture anything from an Agave plant in that mix. Kinda like trying to make a Bloody Mary with Clamato – just not the same! haha

  7. Len at |

    Didn’t find any decent Mezcal on my trip, the only Mezcal I could find was Gusano Rojo.

    As for the Del Maguey, I’ve been saving those for when my son gets married, or gets his Masters Degree. I think the degree is more likely, LOL. If I change my other mind I’ll let you know.


  8. […] But, if you want to read about them (Mezcal mostly), check out this dude's website. […]

  9. Len at |

    Highly informative blog, much appreciated.

    I’ve been a Mezcal fan for many years, still have a few unopend bottles of Del Maguey from the late 90s.

    Heading to the Quintana Roo region on Monday and hoping to score some good Mezcal. Any recommendations would be appreciated.



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