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  1. […] via a narrow, concrete passageway painted in brilliant blue is a gallery filled with blown glass mezcal bottles, remnants of the time when this was how the agave liquor was stored. They are hard to find […]

  2. Salted Cocoa Nutella Cupcakes at |

    […] with a love for taco trucks and simple margaritas. Now I’m in a city where there’s a mezcal bar on every corner and the best tacos I’ve ever had in my life are being slung on every […]

  3. Jacob at |

    Sorry if I sound like a grasshopper, but how exactly does an artisan mezcal differ from an artisanal tequila? Certainly most of tequila is industrially produced, but you can find those also made in old fashion way too. On the other hand, you can also run into industrially produced mezcals. In fact, inside of a run of the mill US liquor store, you’re probably much better off grabbing a well selected bottle of tequila than one of mezcals like Zignum or Monte Alban. If you shop around, there exist so me very good honest to god sippable blanco and even reposado tequilas under 30 bucks a bottle. On the other hand, good mezcals are hard to come by when when someone gets me a bottle I feel it lacks in the price-performance ratio. So far have had friends bring me El Seniorio and Illegal reposado and blanco from Mexico, I thought that while being good mezcals, I don’t know if they justify the price vs a well selected bottle of tequila.

  4. Jos Jaspers at |

    Please adjust your text for “palenque” meaning.


  5. Trent Simpson at |


    This is a great post and as I have to answer this question multiple times per night behind our bar! I had a question in regards to law for cooking the pina for Tequila, is using an autoclave oven necessary to create tequila, or just the most commonly used?

    1. Mr Donaldo at |

      Thank you! so bottom line, Mezcal tastes different (fundamentally different) from Tequila because it’s smoked. (Reminds me of the Mad Men episode “It’s toasted.”)

  6. Denise at |

    Why, thank you. This was very informative. I am just now beginning to get away from bourbon and find I am really enjoying the more “clean” (less sweet) flavor tequilas & mezcals. Whenever I asked the difference I seemed to get a lot of hot air. This clears things up.

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    […] like no other, listening to funky beats spun by Bassjackers with VIP treatment at Monarch sippin on Mezcal, a smoky tequila, in all the secret hiding spots. Though it could be tough to beat, the nightlife […]

  8. […] its own brand of Mezcal, which is similar and often confused with Tequila. According to the website MezcalPhD.com, all Tequilas are Mezcals, however, there are three distinct […]

  9. […] got a taste of just distilled mezcal, warm and just out of the still. At eighty-percent alcohol her engine was roaring after just a sip. […]

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