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  1. Em at |

    I had the same experience…been drinking premium tequila for many years and just found mezcal. My latest purchase was Mezcal xicaru…I just tried it for the first time and fell in love. Any other mezcal recommendations?

  2. Michael in Texas at |

    I am glad I found this informative site. Good reading.. Thanks! I am a long time tequila fan but never tasted mezcal until El Jolgorio on a business trip to Mexico last month. Wonderful stuff in my opinion. My only exposure to mezcal until now was a bottle of Cusano Rojo that my grandfather brought me from Oaxaca back in the 1950’s or 60’s that I never opened because I was warned it tasted like gasoline and was advised to stay far away from all Mezcal. However, I still keep it in my office because it is the only memory I have of g-pa, aside from a single old photo.

    A neighbor just returned from visiting her family for the holidays in Zacatecas and brought me a bottle of La Pendencia Mezcal Reposado and said it is the most popular mezcal in her town. Have you tried that one by chance?

  3. Douglas G Bailey at |

    I really like Islay Scotch, and have recently learned that I love really smoky Metcalf. Can you suggest some super smoky, earthy mezcal in the $35- $55 range? I live in Montana, so don’t have the best selection, so add many add you can think of off the top of your head would be very appreciated!

    1. Diver Down at |

      I just bought my first bottle of Mezcal in Cozumel last month. Instantly fell in love with the Smoky taste and found this article about the difference of tequila and mezcal.
      Mine is El Senorio-Jovan Con Gusano. To me it is absolutely delicious and will have a hard time going back to Tequila. Cannot find it in any of our liquor stores to compare price. I paid a whopping $12 a bottle in Cozumel and don’t know why I bought 4 bottles never having it before but happy I did.

  4. John at |

    A friend gave me something called ” Minero” which seems to be a kind of Mezcal. Tastes very smokey and delicious. Would you drink it straight or with a lime. I doubt it’s a mixer but curious

  5. Mahrie at |

    Do you think any of the tequilas under the Kirkland brand that Costco sells are worthy of having in a liquor cabinet?

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  7. […] of tequilas, including the 100% pure agave ones, which is what you really want to drink, and even a mezcal or two. Most of them will run upward of 30€. For something just as good but at almost half the […]

  8. Korby Sinclaire at |

    Thanks! I’m enjoying some Vida Mezcal at this very moment. Loved your article.

  9. Paul Ingram at |

    I have a substantial collection of Tequila’s I purchase (generally) at the Tequila Festival in T.J. each year. Yesterday my neighbor brought over a bottle of Taberna Los 3 Hombres (Raicilla Blanco)…..nice stuff! I need to explore Mezcal types more!! Living near Ensenada.

  10. Tammy Barber at |

    Do you recommend a first time mezcal? Thinking of trying it in a Bloody Mary but don’t want something cheap nor super expensive…

    1. Paul Ingram at |

      Hmmmmmmm; I make an excellent Bloody Mary and enjoy a good one elsewhere, however i cannot picture anything from an Agave plant in that mix. Kinda like trying to make a Bloody Mary with Clamato – just not the same! haha

  11. Len at |

    Didn’t find any decent Mezcal on my trip, the only Mezcal I could find was Gusano Rojo.

    As for the Del Maguey, I’ve been saving those for when my son gets married, or gets his Masters Degree. I think the degree is more likely, LOL. If I change my other mind I’ll let you know.


  12. […] But, if you want to read about them (Mezcal mostly), check out this dude's website. […]

  13. Len at |

    Highly informative blog, much appreciated.

    I’ve been a Mezcal fan for many years, still have a few unopend bottles of Del Maguey from the late 90s.

    Heading to the Quintana Roo region on Monday and hoping to score some good Mezcal. Any recommendations would be appreciated.



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