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  1. […] to smoke for days on end. John McEvoy, author of “Holy Smoke! It’s Mezcal” and blogger of MezcalPhd explains “this underground ‘oven’ now smokes, cooks, and caramelizes the pina over a […]

  2. […] mezcal is not tequila, tequila is mezcal — don’t be confused: what’s the difference? […]

  3. […] three main differences between tequila and mezcal can also be found in his blog post: Tequila vs. Mezcal. The book continues to cover mezcal production, the use of different agave varietals, and key […]

  4. Ed Fam at |

    Thank you for a well written and factual piece. Any history about why Mezcal started being made in the 1600s would be awesome. Did it come from Spain? Was this an indigenous product?

  5. […] To learn more about Mezcal check out this great article by Mezcal PHD […]

  6. Jesse at |

    My takeaway is that mezcal is not considered vegan in that the labor of an animal is used to produce it.

    1. Donald G Schofield at |

      So if I use a mule to pull my tiller for my garden, my carrots are not vegan? You don’t have access to sharp objects, do you??

  7. Sean at |

    Just live mezcal.
    Love it love be it love it

  8. […] goodness moment. Told you, I’m a total sucker… To read more about Mezcals, check out MEZCAL PhD Today’s cocktail muddles fresh Hothouse cucumbers (the only kid worth buying at the grocery […]

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