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  1. Patrick at |

    What are your thoughts on Reyes y Cobardes?

  2. Yako at |

    El Tinieblo is all of the sudden all over LA, NY and MIA btw – Been drinking it a lot at bars and restaurants. For a while, some 18 months ago I couldn’t find it anywhere but then one day about 6 months ago…..poof! There it was …..EVERYWHERE. Soooo good!

  3. Adam at |

    I have a bottle of La Fogata, sold at the Montgomery County, MD county ABC store. Very nice, smooth. Sticker claims a 92 score from some website or reviewer. Like it a lot.

    1. Adam at |

      Oh, and one other thing, the La Fogata bottle seems to be hand blown, with a green spiral around the neck. Nice.

  4. Winston at |

    I’ve noticed you didn’t include realdejapla’s aztecali in the list of Mezcals. Is it because it’s really just a tequila using blue agave?

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