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  1. H. Haskell at |

    I just tried La Nina del Mezcal Madrecuixe.
    I’m have had better but I’m not disappointed.
    Anybody try it?

  2. Douglas at |

    Note to clarify:
    Mijes is not made by Scorpoion Mezcal, Doug French , but it is imported by Caballeros, Inc , Douglas Frenches USA import company. Mijes is made by Patricia Campos .
    Maria is not made by Doug French either . It is imported by Caballeros, Inc again my import company . It is made by Eric Hernandez who also makes Ilegal, Los Amantes and Metl. He is an excellent and prolific master distiller.
    I am a prolific distiller , but I only make Scorpion Mezcal .
    Due to the shortage of agave , I have had to reduce production of mezcal . In this dead time I am experimenting with making rum and I am eager to try my hand at making a whiskey. I shall try distilling some whiskey in the summer.

  3. […] stores for your convenience.  This list by no means contains every brand you can find (I have another post on that), and I stopped it at $75 because we are clearly getting past the entry level at that […]

  4. Onno at |

    Forgot to mention that it was the reposadas that that I drank 🙂

  5. Onno at |

    Finding a good mescal is a taste bud affair. Zignum is mentioned with a soso rating, but my tongue was absolutely delighted. I have had some of the others mentioned here including Scorpion which I found awful.

    Now I have been looking for the following brand, which I bought one bottle of while in Mexico. According to my pallet the best I have ever tasted: JOYAS OAXAQUEÑAS

    If you know where I can get it that would be awesome because so far I have not been lucky over the last 4 years.

  6. Ron at |

    Attn All,

    I just spent 4 days in San Miguel de Allende, In my 4 days there I Found a corner bar, jumped in too see the action and wow!! what a selection of Mezcal’s, I tried 4 while I was there and My favorite, Los Danzantes Joven. I’m a Tequila Guy but this mezcal was incredible!! it had the traditional smokey smell but it by far was the smoothest sipping Mezcal I have ever had. If someone finds this product for sale in the states let me know, if not I’ll open up a distributor business and treat this product like gold..

  7. Hoth at |

    Soo…. I printed out your list of Mezcals and went to my local “high end” liquor store. The only Mezcal they had (I asked) was Monte Alban. I saw that it was listed under “less than premium”, but thought to myself, “that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad.” Unfortunately I neglected to read the comments following your post that would have informed me that in this particular case that, yes, it is bad. Now I find myself facing a dilemma that I’m hoping you can help me with. Do I dump this turpentine tasting crap down the drain before it turns me off to Mezcal forever, and write it off as a $23 lesson learned, or do I hang onto it and only use it as a substitute for tequila in mixed drinks?

  8. Emma at |

    To add to your already extensive list, is a new brand called Derrumbes. Not sure if they’re available in the US yet, but they are in Europe and Australia so look out for it!

  9. Brian at |

    You didn’t mention Mezcal Jaral de Berrio.. which I like. I’d like to know what your thoughts are.

  10. Stacy at |


    Mezcal El Malpais, produced in the state of Durango! You should definitely try it. 🙂

  11. Eugenio García at |

    I just tries the beneva, nothing to call home about.

    FYI – Alipus is the more artisanal brand of Los Danzantes

  12. Mike at |

    Beneva is made in the state of Oaxaca.. they have a retail showroom/tasting room in Huatulco. They make a blanco, repo & anejo. I still believe Joya deserves to be on your premium list.

  13. Charlie at |

    Mezcal Zacatecano,is made in Huitzila,Zacatecas.
    Last year it was awarded several prizes in the San Francisco,Ca.Spirits Expo or something like that.Pretty good actually,i ran out fast.

  14. california woman at |

    how can you call yourself a ‘PhD’ in mezcal when there are so many that you “know nothing about” or just diss outright without having ever even tasted the product (just because it’s inexpensive)?? WTH??

  15. Fred G. at |

    Last minute purchase at Hotel gift shop in Chicken Itza
    “Mixteco Mezcal ( with worm ) 250 ml… 150 pesos
    Did I get ripped off ?.

  16. arqmasiu at |

    Just a comment…Mezcal Mano Negra is now called Mezcal Mancha Negra. They apparently had problems with the original name.

  17. Jake Lustig at |

    Don Amado Mezcal was established in 1994 and has been in continual production since… made entirely in ceramic pot stills and sold in both Mexico and in 10+ states around the US (NY, IL, CA, WA, NV…). It is in every sense a “Premium” mezcal.

    Also, please note our other ceramic pot-distilled brand, Mina Real Mezcal.. selling very well in both countries, albeit at a lower price point.

  18. Mario Yrun at |

    Regarding La Fogata from the Premium List: I brought a La Fogata (“the campfire”) Anejo back from Guadalajara in ’98. I’m sure I cajoled you into trying it with me at least. Coincidently enough I seem to remember its character as kind of a head-crash into a campfire. I haven’t seen it since. Is the smoke clearing and does it ring a bell now?

  19. Andrew at |

    What a great list!

    For stores, I’d surely suggest Blackwell’s in S. CA. Really nice folks, great prices and while they don’t have a lot – they’ll get something if you ask.

    And, as for the Delirio, I received a bottle today, and it’s damn tasty. Damn sweet, too. And, reasonably-priced.


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