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  1. Rick Levy at |

    Escorpion is produced by the folks at Scorpion and it is now listed on their website. It seems to be a higher-end line produced in smaller batches (limited to 375ml bottles), with even less smoky character even than the Scorpion line. Escorpion really blew me away. All the varietals are fantastic and distinct. I’m primarily a tequila guy, so I like the less smoky profile, and love the expanded agave palate. I’m seeing a couple of the añejos at oldtowntequila.com (you should update your links from zeetequila), and the pechuga and barril joven at hitimewine. I think the pechuga is a steal at this price and the jovens are very reasonable. Oak heads will love the barril añejo (23 mos in French oak).

    Love your site! Great work!

  2. Eric at |

    I don’t see much written on the ensemble/blend mezcals. I just picked up a Riazuleno Contemporeneo, Tobala Y Espadin; and a Bozal Espadin-Barril-Mexicano. Have not tried them yet. Any comment on these?

  3. MadMex at |

    ….also, for $20 LAJITA mezcal is pretty good with nice smoke flavor. The label states reposado and it has one worm, though you can’t reach it due to the stopper. Found at Total Wine Central Texas.

  4. MadMex at |

    I didn’t catch it on your list or in the comments, but LA PENCA Mezcal, with 2 worms, is pretty good for low $20s at Spec’s Central Texas and has good smoke flavor. I use it for sipping and bloody mary’s. Though not stated on the label, it looks to be a reposado.

  5. Bryan at |

    Any recommendations on high-value Mezcals? I’ve tried El Buho and Marca Negra and really enjoyed them both, however they are too pricey to drink regularly. I was hoping someone could recommend a $25-30 bottle that tastes reasonably well. My local liquor store will order me anything I’d like, so that shouldn’t be an issue. TIA.

  6. […] bursting at that seams. The sheer quantity of brands being imported into the United States today is difficult to track. We have plenty of new brands at our tasting which we try to make representative. We’ll have […]

  7. Andrew Friedman at |

    Mezcal Meteoro!

    Great stuff.

  8. Mercado de Mezcal at |

    As far as where to find them (Online Retailers), you should add http://www.mercadodemezcal.com.

  9. Kris at |

    Just picked up a bottle of Mezcalito Mio yesterday. Have you tried this? I can’t find any info or reviews online.

    1. Edward at |

      I found this discussion about Mezcalito Mio on the Blue Agave forum:


      Doesn’t sound very promising.

      1. Edward at |

        Although note that those comments are from quite some time ago.

  10. Brad Wright at |

    What about Mayalen?

    I’m grasping at straws to try different mezcals here in WV. I’m taking a work trip to Baltimore tomorrow and the liquor store down the street from the hotel apparently has that brand.

  11. sean at |

    I’m not sure if its in an older post, but what/where is “Andrews”? I see you list it here a few times as places where Mezcal is available.

  12. Eric at |

    My local liquor just stocked a Mezcal called Nuestra Soledad. I cannot find it referenced anywhere. Any knowledge regarding this brand and its quality?

  13. Juan at |

    Why oh why do they NOT put worms more often?

    Marketing I say, they are trying to gentrify this spirit and market it to snooty upscale markets to people who are icked out by the worm.

    There is some argument that the worm changes the chemical composition somewhat.

    Others argue that it’s just marketing to college frat boys.

    However it’s been part of the tradition of mezcal for decades and I’m saddened to see it vanish from any decent bottle.

    I’m calling around in search of Wahaka reposado in the S.F. area and no one has it. At least there are still places to order sal con gusano

    Is there anything else decent that still has the worm?

  14. Marcy Wagner at |

    I really like your website! It’s so helpful with the Mezcal thing. Thank you for all your post. I look forward to get your book where can I get it?
    Last week I tried El Zacatecano oh my God!!! such a good thing. They are selling only in the WA area. I fell in love with all versions (silver, repo and añejo). And I knew they won double gold medals and best in show at San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2010.
    Definitely you should try it. I guess they are moving to expand the market through the country.

  15. David Blaska at |

    Love your website! Just getting into mescals — tequila, bacanora (the Sonoran tequila), and mezcal — thanks to a great bartender at Santiago’s in Bisbee, AZ, where I am vacationing. So have purchased four bottles to represent the trio, in blanco, reposada, and anejo. Love the smokiness of the Del Maguey Vida the barkeep intro’d me to. Can’t find it but secured a bottle of Montelobos, which I enjoy. I think I’m off whiskey now. I get the impression that the agave distillations are better for you.

  16. Roberto Castillo at |

    With all my respect to you but your review to the Casa Curiel Mezcal is really disappointing me, looks like you never try those Mezcal I really like Anejo is really good and I try several mezcales with worm or without it, so next time try it and then let me know Ok, buy the way I’m from Uruapan tierra de Charanda with one of the best aguardientes, and I was living in Tequila for a period of time too so I try Tequilas too

  17. Erik at |

    I’m heading to Mexico in a couple of months and was wondering what brands (with and without the worm) you might recommend that you can NOT find in the US?

  18. AR at |

    I enjoy sangria with tequilas and especially with mescal. Any bottled brand recommendations as I am tired of always having to make my own.

  19. Renee at |

    I’m an avid tequilla drinker, and have been wondering why I’ve never tried mezcal. After a good bit of hunting, I realized its because nh liquor stores don’t sell it! Where can I get a bottle of ilegal anjeo, ive got my heart set on it, and the website says not available in nh?! (Why?)

  20. Edward at |

    Updates for your list:
    Montelobos has a website: http://www.montelobos.com/
    Alipus has info on the distributor’s site: http://www.craftdistillers.com/products/alipus/
    Shawi has a Mexican site in Spanish: http://shawi.com.mx/
    La Fogata appears to be distributed by Duggan’s Distillers, but not much info there: http://duggansdist.com/products.html
    and Peleton de la Muerte has a Mexican site in the works, but no info there yet other than “Muy Pronto” (Very Soon): http://www.pelotondelamuerte.mx/


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