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  1. Corvus at |

    I have never tasted any Scorpion Mezcal, however, I did have the opportunity to taste Doug French’s Grand Reserve 17 Year Anejo at a private tasting. 70% Añejo/30% Barril, triple distilled, 7 years in American Oak whiskey barrel and 10 years French Oak Bordeaux barrel. I’m not usually a fan of Añejos and the woody flavor imparted by the barrel, but was pleased to have the chance to taste it.

  2. Matthew Mydlowski at |

    I just got a skull shaped green bottle of Sangre de Vida – Reposado Mezcal. Great taste and balance of salt and sweet. Good smokey aroma. Sold for $100NZ. Have you tried this one? Was wondering what you would think of it. I like on occasion to have Mezcal in a strong short black espresso coffee, very tasty. I have tried at least 14 Mezcals here. Dos Gusanos is practically the only one that most retailers only sell here. I have tried 27 different tequila. I prefer mezcal. I collected a jar full of Mezcal worms once, and put them into water. I found that they imparted a very strong woody flavor. All the Mezcals I have bought had a worm in them with exception of my latest treat: Sangre de Vida.

  3. Dan at |

    It’s a great list, thank you! I have tried many of them, but for me Mezalosfera is far superior. Also, Mezcalosfera is the US brand of Mezcaloteca in Oaxaca, worth every penny.

  4. B Bauer at |

    Vinos_de_mezcal can also be purchased at Hyland Hills Liquor in Beaverton, OR

  5. Rick at |

    My bottle of Mezcalosfera de Mezcaloteca looks like the one you pictured and it appears to be an ensamble of only two varietals, Tobala & Madrecuixe (50% each), not 5. The label includes more information than any other mezcal I have seen and lists the Maestro Mezcalero as Felepe Cortes. I presume your reference to “unknown mezcalero” means that you have no experience with his distillates, since he is clearly identified on the label. I have not yet opened and sampled but am planning on doing just that sometime during the holidays.

    1. Rick at |
    2. Tyler at |

      Both of the two Mezcalosfera de Mezcaloteca US releases (tobala/madrecuishe + 5 agave ensamble) are from Felipe Cortes and both are great!

      Here is a pic of the mezcalero: https://mezcaloteca.squarespace.com/mezcalosfera/

  6. Jill at |

    John, just curious if you have tasted any of the VdM selections…..I am curious about them but can’t find tasting notes anywhere. Nary a bar in sight has them in my little mountain town and it’s tough to take the plunge ordering totally blind at that price point!

  7. La Loba Cantina at |

    Hey John, we have Mezcalosfera at La Loba. Try it, worth every penny.

    -La Loba Cantina

  8. Tyler at |

    Great list!

    I’d add the La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla as an honorable mention as it’s crafted in the “spirit” of mezcal and costs $200/bottle. Never tried it but very curious considering it is 63% ABV.

    1. Rimas at |

      I recently tried it and only have one word for it: INTENSE!!!

  9. Bruce Turbeville at |


    Not to mention that high end tequila and mezcal prices don’t even compare to what people will pay for good whiskies or even wine. Personally, I don’t feel that $150 is all that expensive for the connoisseur or collector, and $75 is about the average of what I expect to pay for good sipping mezcal. I mean, this being the only hand crafted artisanal spirit in wide circulation in the western world. Who wouldn’t want to go the extra buck?


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