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  1. Tyler at |

    Since this was originally posted, Mezcales de Leyenda has released some crazy expensive bottles starting at $250 that go up to $500!


    Yikes.. makes you wonder how high prices will go.

  2. Patrick G. at |

    Mezcalosfera Mezcales are all unique. If you buy a bottle it is more than probable that you won’t be able to buy the same bottle (lot) again, as there a limited quantities. Most don’t exceed 200 litres. They are all produced in small villages and are in the esprit of making traditional Mezcal (you know, above 45% etc. 😉 ).
    I had the chance to visit la Mezcaloteca twice and the honor of a private tasting with Silvia, where I tasted Mezcales so far away from anything I knew but all mindblowing. The prices are high because they are unique. Be glad, that the American importer do respect the soul of la Mezcalotecas otherwise they would be far more expensive due to their uniqueness.
    I never paied so much for a spirituous but I would buy any bottle of Mezcalosfera as it is worth it.

  3. Corvus at |

    I have never tasted any Scorpion Mezcal, however, I did have the opportunity to taste Doug French’s Grand Reserve 17 Year Anejo at a private tasting. 70% Añejo/30% Barril, triple distilled, 7 years in American Oak whiskey barrel and 10 years French Oak Bordeaux barrel. I’m not usually a fan of Añejos and the woody flavor imparted by the barrel, but was pleased to have the chance to taste it.

  4. Matthew Mydlowski at |

    I just got a skull shaped green bottle of Sangre de Vida – Reposado Mezcal. Great taste and balance of salt and sweet. Good smokey aroma. Sold for $100NZ. Have you tried this one? Was wondering what you would think of it. I like on occasion to have Mezcal in a strong short black espresso coffee, very tasty. I have tried at least 14 Mezcals here. Dos Gusanos is practically the only one that most retailers only sell here. I have tried 27 different tequila. I prefer mezcal. I collected a jar full of Mezcal worms once, and put them into water. I found that they imparted a very strong woody flavor. All the Mezcals I have bought had a worm in them with exception of my latest treat: Sangre de Vida.

  5. Dan at |

    It’s a great list, thank you! I have tried many of them, but for me Mezalosfera is far superior. Also, Mezcalosfera is the US brand of Mezcaloteca in Oaxaca, worth every penny.

  6. B Bauer at |

    Vinos_de_mezcal can also be purchased at Hyland Hills Liquor in Beaverton, OR

  7. Rick at |

    My bottle of Mezcalosfera de Mezcaloteca looks like the one you pictured and it appears to be an ensamble of only two varietals, Tobala & Madrecuixe (50% each), not 5. The label includes more information than any other mezcal I have seen and lists the Maestro Mezcalero as Felepe Cortes. I presume your reference to “unknown mezcalero” means that you have no experience with his distillates, since he is clearly identified on the label. I have not yet opened and sampled but am planning on doing just that sometime during the holidays.

    1. Rick at |
    2. Tyler at |

      Both of the two Mezcalosfera de Mezcaloteca US releases (tobala/madrecuishe + 5 agave ensamble) are from Felipe Cortes and both are great!

      Here is a pic of the mezcalero: https://mezcaloteca.squarespace.com/mezcalosfera/

  8. Jill at |

    John, just curious if you have tasted any of the VdM selections…..I am curious about them but can’t find tasting notes anywhere. Nary a bar in sight has them in my little mountain town and it’s tough to take the plunge ordering totally blind at that price point!

  9. La Loba Cantina at |

    Hey John, we have Mezcalosfera at La Loba. Try it, worth every penny.

    -La Loba Cantina

  10. Tyler at |

    Great list!

    I’d add the La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla as an honorable mention as it’s crafted in the “spirit” of mezcal and costs $200/bottle. Never tried it but very curious considering it is 63% ABV.

    1. Rimas at |

      I recently tried it and only have one word for it: INTENSE!!!

  11. Bruce Turbeville at |


    Not to mention that high end tequila and mezcal prices don’t even compare to what people will pay for good whiskies or even wine. Personally, I don’t feel that $150 is all that expensive for the connoisseur or collector, and $75 is about the average of what I expect to pay for good sipping mezcal. I mean, this being the only hand crafted artisanal spirit in wide circulation in the western world. Who wouldn’t want to go the extra buck?


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