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  2. Adan Messinas at |

    Hey John, my name is Adan Messinas. I live in Los Ángeles, Ca. I was born in the state of Oaxaca and recently I visited the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca to go see my relatives in that area. I tasted the mezcal that the mezcaleros produce in smal batches in that region. Besides beer, mezcal is what they consume on the fiestas patronales of each town and they sell it in small amounts to the people that lives around the towns. So, the last time I visited my hometown, I brought with me 10 liters witch’s I shared wit friends and people that I know. Surprisingly people ask me where they can get it.So, I came up with this idea to to buy the mezcal from the mezcaleros in that area to help them to create jobs for the people and get some financial benefit for them. I went to talk to the CRM (Consejo
    Regulador del Mezcal) for some guidance on how and what to do. Now I have to get a permit from US customs to bring it to the states. I really love to send you a bottle of mezcal of Sierra Norte so, you can give me your input about.

    Thank you in advance for you input on this mezcal adventure,


  3. Jai G at |

    Great idea! Thanks for pointing it out!

  4. Eric Lorenz at |

    Hey John,

    The Trump running for a Big Mac reference made me laugh my ass off. Loudly! This sounds like a great initiative – I’ll repost both on my personal and agavespirits.com FB pages. I hope you and yours are healthy and well.

  5. daniel villa at |

    hi, is anyone interested in import Mezcal to US, have all the permits and its a blooming biz.

  6. Tim at |

    Just had some mezcal last night with some friends from Guadalajara. I’m gradually making my rounds in the mezcal world after being a long time tequila – only drinker. I’m becoming a BIG fan.

    1. Michael Swanson at |

      Dude, the hook is set! That’s more or less how it got started with all of us. Soon enough you’ll be asking yourself what you’re going to do with all the undrinkable tequila you have gathering dust. You certainly don’t want to drink it when you could be drinking mezcal instead.

  7. Dale Pittman at |

    Thanks for the post, John. I gotta get back down there!



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