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  1. Whiskey Nut at |

    Being a Whiskey fan & also a recent convert to Mezcal I love these collaboration experiments.
    There’s an Irish version with J.J.Corry Irish Whiskey too!
    Yet to try any whiskey barrel aged tequila or mezcal yet though.

  2. Craig Denton at |

    John, great writing as usual. As an old Scotch enthusiast, very excited to experience this – having said that – where’s my bottle? Did Sonia finish off the bottle finally.

  3. Lou Bank at |


  4. Bruce Turbeville at |

    John, thanks again for a great piece… as both a whisky enthusiast and mezcal fanatic, I welcome these types of experiments; probably much more so than I do the beer to whisky and back again trade… however, I was under the impression that most tequila and mezcal aging used whisky, port or rum casks to begin with; mainly due to the high cost of virgin barrels?.. e.g., Garrison Brothers sells most of their used bourbon oak casks to tequila makers… of course, whatever casks Illegal uses, it’s still my favorite anejo out there… thanks again, and keep the information flowing!


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