I have had a deep passion for tequila for as long as the eye can see.  While I have been familiar with mezcal for many years, it is only in the past 5-10 years that I have embraced this spirit.

It really started with Del Maguey when I started seeing their colorful bottles popping up in bars and restaurants.  I began to explore their various single village mezcals and I loved this smoky spirit.

As my passion for mezcal began to grow, other brands began to appear as the premium tequilas had me looking for something more, and I found it in the premium mezcals that were now coming to the U.S.  I now know that mezcal regulation only began in 2005, and this legitimized the spirit. Then savvy and passionate entrepreneurs began to bring high quality mezcals to the U.S., and my lovefest deepened.

So who am I?  I am a Wall Street finance type, entrepreneur, and agave-loving consumer.  I live in Tribeca in NYC.