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This is a continually updated post on Mezcal Joints of the World.  The list is intended to be global but the early focus is NYC since these are places I know (all too well in some cases!).  If you are a bar or restaurant and want to be on this list, please email me at [email protected].  Also, if you are on this list and want to include a short or more complete description, email me that as well.  To get this list rolling, I included a few other places in the U.S. and abroad, but please email me so we can build this list!!

New York

  • Anejo Tequileria. 668 10th Avenue at 47th.  Deep mezcal list with great food to match.
  • Agave. 140 7th Avenue South, between Charles and 10th.  More tequila focused but really excellent mezcal selection as well.
  • Mayahuel.  304 E 6th, just east of 2nd Ave.  The outstanding and original agave spirits bar in NYC with craft agave cocktails.
  • Empellon Cocina.  105 1st Avenue, between 6th and 7th.  Incredible mezcal and tequila list coupled with top flight mixology.
  • Experimental Cocktail Club. 191 Chrystie St, between Rivington and Stanton.  On the list because they make magic with the handful of mezcals they have.  Also, they could not be nicer.
  • Casa Mezcal. 86 Orchard St. between Broome and Grand.  The name says it all.
  • Zengo / La Biblioteca.  622 3rd Ave at 40th St.  La Biblioteca is the downstairs tequila library.  Love that.
  • Ofrenda.  113 7th Avenue South just north of Christopher.
  • Dos Caminos.  Multiple locations in NYC.  A bit of a chain but very good all the way around.  Meatpacking location is my favorite.
  • Apartment 13.  115 Ave C, between 7th and 8th.  Great food and a deep love for mezcal here.
  • Sembrado.  432 E 13th between 1st and Ave A.  Mezcals outnumber tequila by a wide margin.  A good sign.

San Francisco

  • La Urbana.  661 Divisidero St, between Grove and Hayes.  Recently opened shrine to mezcal and Mexican street food.
  • West of Pecos.  550 Valencia St.  Small but carefully cultivated mezcal selection.


  • Liberty Bar. 517 15th Ave E.  Owner Andrew Friedman goes deep on mezcal and tequila.
  • Barrio Mexican Kitchen and Bar.  1420 12th Ave.  Bar Manager Casey Robinson is incredibly passionate about mezcal and mixology.

Los Angeles

  • El Carmen.  8138 W 3rd St.  More tequilas but a coming mezcal list with top flight mixology and excellent bites.
  • Las Perlas. 107 E 6th St.  Renowned food and agave spirits mecca.


  • The Pastry War.  310 Main St.  Bobby Heugel’s outstanding mezcal joint.  I would love to check it out!

Providence, RI

  • El Rancho Grande, 311 Plainfield St.  Rumor has it they take their hospitality, food, service and mezcal seriously!



  • Café No Se.  Antigua.  Headquarters for John Rexer’s original smuggling operation for Ilegal Mezcal.


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