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  1. Craig Denton at |

    John – awesome and you know I’m in. must be because i’m drinking Ilegal as I write this. I think we surprise the girls with the boxers. Craig

    1. Mezcal PhD at |

      Boxers. I like it!

  2. Colleen at |

    Great post. I wish them success. I’m down here in Guanajuato and would love info about small producers in the state. So nice to see that Judah Kuper is in Oaxaca. His mom was here, renting across from us for a few months. I’ve totally lost track of her, but glad he must be doing well.

    Cuando mal, mezcal. Cuando bien, tambien.

  3. Our Story on MezcalPhD at |

    […] friend John at mezcalphd.com posted a great blog about us today! Check it out HERE. It’s a almost true story (Noel and I didn’t actually fall in love over mezcal body […]

  4. Rachel Glueck at |

    Gracias, John!
    Yep, that’s more or less how it went down (minus the body shots). We’re now in Oaxaca meeting with mezcaleros, brand producers (we enjoyed way too many of Vago tastes with Judah Kuper the other night), and learning everything we can! We’re writing the plan of attack now (spoiler alert: keep a lookout for Guerrero mezcal).
    Thanks to Oaxaca’s abundant and cheap produce, we’re managing to eat salads as well as beans and tortillas, but yes – we still need some cash flow to keep us moving!
    Follow our journey by subscribing for free to our photo/essay VIP newsletter, or help us out by supporting our crowdfunding campaign!

    1. Mezcal PhD at |

      Don’t pop my bubble on the body shots! That’s how I met my wife!! 🙂

      1. Joseph at |

        John, Noel, and Rachael,
        I have your book and I follow your blog.
        I just sent $$ to Rachael and Noel after reading this post.
        I have seen the skull bottles and avoided buying one because it looked too gimmicky.
        I posted $75.00 so i could try it.
        Thanks for spreading the word.
        Keep up the good work Noel and Rachael.

        1. Mezcal PhD at |

          Awesome! Thanks for reading!


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