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  1. Dennis B. at |

    I appreciate the information you have on your site. My wife and I travel to Mexico with some frequency, and we had made a habit of making a stop in Oaxaca. We found a small Mescal operation on the outskirts of the city working out of an adobe building (basically a four car garage). We stopped there so often, and brought him so many new customers, that he now will make monthly deliveries to us up near Oaxtepec. I’m not sharing who he is, because I don’t want him to get more popular. I pay $15 U.S. per bottle. It will never make your list, because he doesn’t import, but your readers should be sure to stop at the tiny family distilleries if they are ever in Oaxaca.

  2. K D Kearney at |

    In which order would you place the following three Mayalen mezcals : Guerrero , Borrego, Wild Cupreata ? I am visiting a state where these three are sold and wish to try one but can not come to a conclusion which is best, smokiest, frutiest, whatever . Please provide your ranking order . Thank you . K D K

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  4. Jimbo at |

    One mezcal brand I haven’t seen mentioned here or pretty much anywhere else on the internet is Joyas Oaxaqueñas. It’s super cheap (less than $30) but based on my limited experience, seems to be the quite good for its price. Anyone else have experience w/ this stuff?

  5. GodOfThunder at |

    I’m really enjoying your blog. Thanks!

    I just got started with mezcal, and I’m hooked after a trip to The Pastry War in Houston. I really enjoy smokey mezcal, and they gave me a few Del Maguey wild mezcals that blew my mind with smoke. Do you have any suggestions for big, smokey, mezcal that is available online?

    So far, my collection is:
    Del Maguey Chichicapa – my favorite of what I have so far
    Del Maguey Vida – great for cocktails
    Fidencio Clasico – great starter. harsh nose, but still smooth.
    Wahaka Reposado – smooth and filled with oak. great drinker, but not too potent.
    Vago Elote – packs a punch. I can really taste the corn.

    and I just purchased a bottle online of Del Maguey Arroqueno.

    So far I’m loving this stuff, and Del Maguey is really standing out to me. I’m in love with the Chichicapa.

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