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    From one of my readers, good comments that were emailed to me:

    :I’ve been reading lately your posts and I know this mezcal world will get us to meet ourselves in person someday. I want to clear out some points of this post: https://mezcalphd.com/2012/03/hello-world/ Since COMERCAM is not a Mexican government agency, although it is regulated by Mexican laws, it may be considered as a nongovernmental organism, and that’s one of the reasons it took so many years to be consolidated even if the law was already there, therefore the law started operating so many years after.”

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    Mezcal Añil Team

  2. Berenice Acuña at |

    I dolike you blog! would be lovely to stay in touch….I´m a mezcal promoter.

    1. MezcalPhD at |

      Glad you like it. Drop me an email at [email protected] to tell me more about what you are doing as a mezcal promoter.


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