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  1. Colleen at |

    Thanks for this. All posts are interesting. While I love Mezcal I could use more info. I took a friend to my favorite liquor store in Guanajuato. They have alot of different Mezcal. I was telling him about it and when we entered, the man said “mas mezcal?”. I don’t know if that was good or bad for my reputation.

    I’m proud of myself for this next interaction: Last week family visited and I took them to Mercado Hidalgo in Gto centro. They were looking at decorative plates and I asked to look at a tequilero but said it was for mezcal. He handed it to me and said “cuando mal, mezcal” and I was able to finish by saying “cuando bien, tambien”. That threw him since I really am a gringa here in Central MX. He then proclaimed me Mexicana.

    Gracias Maestro

  2. Mario at |

    Great article and will definately try a few more mezcals with this paradigm in mind. And who doesn’t like seeing their own name in print?


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